2016-17 Service Programme Launched

With the Rotary year ending at the end of this month, along with all the Rotary Clubs all over the World, we agreed our service programme for 2016 / 17 in the last month. Called the Club Assembly, we had a special meeting of presentations from those responsible for the various areas of our work and published a summary in the form of a booklet for reference throughout the year. This year has been particularly successful, especially with fund raising so we’re hoping a repeat next year! Our Assistant District Governor Gareth Rees came along to the programme launch and gave us kind words of support and encouragement.

Our incoming President for 2016-17, Rotary Veteran Keith Wilson stated in his presentation,  “we embark on another chapter in the history of Rotary as we build on the hard work dedication and successes of our predecessors during a century Rotary in Wales. We can proudly say that since 1917 Rotarians from our community have played their part in ensuring the success or Rotary across the world. Our Rotary International President John Germ has chosen “Rotary Serving Humanity” to be his theme for the year. He believes that there is no better path to meaningful service today than Rotary membership and no other organisation is better placed to make a real and positive difference to our world. The limits are the ones we place on ourselves. We could be on the brink of the greatest success in our history, the eradication on Polio. We need to tell the world we did that!  We go forward with a varied programme to help communities at home and abroad. Our immediate success will depend on the efforts of existing Rotarians. Just think what we could achieve with the ideas and energy of more Rotarians. Let us celebrate 100 Years of Rotary in Wales by increasing the number of active Rotarians to offer more Service To Humanity”


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